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What I do

Updated: Feb 12

A peek into some of the work I do and can help you with through Readings

Private, Family, Small & Large Groups - Online & In-Person

Available Services & Booking a Reading (below)

Book a Reading: Email me at:

See: Readings Page for Detailed Info

Note: Readings cannot be booked through site. Email

Messages from the Other Side

Connections with People and Pets who have passed on. Validations first - then messages.

Comfort, healing, knowing they are okay and see what's going on; questions answered.

The Other Side is simply a dimension that some can hear, see and reach. No special "power" ; it's just a gift. Everyone has their own gifts. This is one of mine.


Psychic/Tarot - Your Life Path

Sometimes we need help in making decisions. Are we making the right one? What might be in store? What can we look forward to, or change? Psychic work is a gift also. It's simply "Intuition", which we all have, amped up to a higher degree.

Use of "tools" like Tarot Cards, Pendulums, Runes, are optional, but interesting.

Note: Nothing is written in stone. YOU have choices and can are in charge of your Path.


Find your Spirit Guide(s) or a Past Life

Who is that "voice in your head" that gives you that intuitive feeling? Your Guide,

The person you asked to guide you from the moment of conception 'till the moment you return home. A human, who you knew before you became "you". Someone who understands what it's like to be human, because they are.


Find a Past Life

Are. you drawn to somewhere in particular? You may be French but love everything Japanese, having no clue why.

Do you have a phobia that came from nowhere? You will not go into a lake or the ocean, but never had anything happen to you or a loved one.

These positive and negative experiences may be from a Past Life. It's interesting to find out who you were and it can free you from those phobias.


Intuitive Mentoring - Increase YOUR Abilities

One-on-One or a Class Setting

(Go at your own pace; everyone is different)

We all have intuition. Would you like to increase yours? Or perhaps you have psychic abilities and would like to further your journey

One-On-One Mentoring & Class Settings

You can learn at your own pace; do it your way. I will advice and help you bring out your own abilities; however, you are in control of how you do things. Everyone is different.

All aspects of psychic readings can be explored.

Class Settings will give individual attention. There is NO right or wrong.

We all excel in our individuality


Handwriting Analysis (Graphology)

This is a "science", rather than something psychic. However, when you are analyzed by a Psychic Medium, it does become Paranormal as well.

For Example: Your handwriting will show if "something is holding you back from moving forward". That's it. When I analyze you, I MAY say: "Oh. You have someone at home who you are caring for?"


WHY you need Handwriting Analysis

Hiring someone? Especially one who will be in your home, take care of kids, pets, elders? Clean the home, car or yard? Watch your home while you're away?

Hiring for your business?

Do you want to know if they are HONEST and not UNSTABLE?

What about that relationship?

Is your partner loyal, truthful? Do they truly love you?

What can be done through handwriting exercises to help bring you closer?

Do they have the traits of a thief or a s*xual deviant? Substance abuse?

YES, handwriting reveals all that. It doesn't matter what you write, if it's messy or neat, printed or written.


Ghosts & the Paranormal

Ghosts are deceased people, yet they still linger in our dimension.

Why are they still here? Can we make them go? Can they touch us? Can they harm us?

Are they all human? What about the Demonic?

With my Team, GONE Paranormal, I've investigated many places. Some are suspected or known to be haunted, while others are every day people in their own homes.

Including the haunted, Tower of London in England, the

Colt Firearms Factory in Hartford, CT USA (Colt gun manufacturing company)

Haunted Library - Clapp Memorial, Belchertown, MA, USA

Churches and Pubs in Wales, UK

And, So many homes. We have helped many people to be free of their ghostly invaders...

Although, not every ghost will leave, we do try our best.

In-Person or Virtual Ghost Investigation

Yes, I said Virtual. While it's always best to be there in-person, if you are miles away, yet need our help, we can accommodate you. A ghostly entity will react to questions and we have picked up validations simply through a Video Investigation. We will instruct you as we go.

At this time, this is a Complimentary Service; however, Donations are always appreciated

If we need to drive a distance to you, we will ask for a minimal fuel allowance.



I have worked on numerous cases of Missing & Murdered

Generally working with the families, at their request only, I will use my abilities to help solve the puzzle. It is their choice to give the information to authorities or not.

This is a Complimentary Service. I will "tune in" to see what I can. This may take an hour or two and/or something could pop in somewhere down the line, as with a murder investigation that lasted 2 1/2 years and a case with a missing youngster


Book A Reading

One Question - $35 Send a question via Email. You will receive a detailed reading, including any Tarot Cards (usually 3 or 4)

Example: Job Offer - Is this the right one?

Example: Break-Up - Is this the right move?

Example: New Love - How will this work out?

Example: Family - Will my house sell soon?

Send Your Question to:

One Half Hour Reading (40 minutes) $60 - Via Video

(FaceTime, FB Messenger, WhatsApp)

Connection with the Other Side or Psychic Reading

If you'd like to connect to someone who has passed, but not the entire family, this is perfect. Find out what they are up to through validations & messages.

Psychic Reading - More detailed with a full Tarot Reading. Whatever your concern is.

Perfect if you need to know something and don't need to connect with anyone.

Set up appointment at;,

One Hour Full Reading: $100 - (One hour, 15 minutes)

Connect with multiple people/pets who have passed.

Details on a Psychic Reading. More than one question; full Tarot.

Combine both. Connect with someone and ask a Psychic question.

Set up appointment at:

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