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Here are a few video links

Please Note: Readings cannot be booked through site. Email:

Videos on YouTube, FaceBook, TikTok, Instagram

Text on What'sApp or Facebook - ParanormalQueen1 Lisa Lanno Ph: 1-413-221-9211



Eery Wednesday at 9pm US EST - BOLD BRAVE TV Talk Show

Watch Live: (watch live)

Missed a Show you might like? See Page: TV Talk Show for links

Call in or Be a Guest! Watch LIVE or LATER


VIDEOS - Don't forget to...check out the rest!

YouTube link for Videos:


Mini News Docu - Haunted Church w/ WTNH New Haven, CT USA

Our team, GONE Paranormal Investigating an old haunted church. Creepy!


What is the Paranormal? (One minute short)


What are Auras?

YouTube: ParanormalQueen1 - Please Subscribe. TY!


Are YOU an Empath?

Pick A Tarot Card

Do Psychics Know When You Will Die?


FOX TV (USA) - "Medium Mondays" (2 1/2 years on Weekly Connections, LIVE, On-Air Readings

TV & Radio



Working with Fundraising, Theater Events & Classes

Theater, USA, Massachusetts - Geraldine's (Chicopee MA) Oct 2022 & Jan 2023


CONTACT: Lisa Lanno - ParanormalQueen1 (Paranormal Queen)

YouTube -

Facebook: -

TikTok -



WhatsApp -

Phone: 1-413-221-9211

Email: for appointment, what you need or send your One question

Forms of Payment/Donations



Venmo: @Lisa-Lanno

US Phone: 1-413-221-9211

Sample Videos - Plenty more on YouTube, TikTok, Instagram (Take your pick)

Ghosts or Spirits? Difference?

Evil Portals

Spirit Guides

Videos on Social Media - Examples

How to Spot Fake Psychics, Mediums & Ghosthunters

Tarot Cards Explained

Fox TV-(America) Reels from "Medium Mondays" Fox 2012 - Weekly Show-Fox News

Theater Events - Bringing Messages to larger groups

Psychic & Paranormal Topics:

How I connect with people/pets. How I do psychic readings. Your Spirit Guides/Angels.

Tips: How to increase your intuition and much more...


Places & People I've worked with. Real people/places that can be contacted.

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