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Updated: Mar 7

Lisa Lanno - International Psychic Medium/Ghosthunter - USA/Europe

Paranormal Team - GONE Paranormal (Ghosts of the Northeast) International

TALK SHOW - Bold Brave TV

TV Talk Show - Bold Brave TV - Wednesdays at 9:00pm EST USA

Watch Live or Later - Guests & Call-Ins!

Wed, March 8 - #3 GHOSTS (We'll share our stories - Share yours!) (watch live)

Streaming on:, Roku, Facebook, YouTube, Spotify, IHeart Radio/more

Clip - Live Reading

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Welcome to the World of the Unknown, Unseen, Good & Evil.

A place where anything might exist.

I'm Lisa Lanno, ParanormalQueen (

I'm a Medium, Psychic, "GhostHunter", TV Talk Host, Author, Handwriting Analyst...

With my toes dipped in many waters. (more about me later)

I'm back from Europe and am presently in Massachusetts, USA

Welcome to my Paranormal Playground

This is the world of the unknown and at times, unseen, waiting to be revealed. Dark or Light. Anything that cannot be logically explained.

I speak to the dead, both human & animal. I seek unseen entities, or they seek me. Some are good, while others will taunt and torture the living.

Explore all aspects of the Paranormal, from Psychic and Auras, to Spirit Guides and Past Lives; Demons and Angels, to UFO's and Near Death Experiences.

Explore realms that are stunningly beautiful and others that no human should venture into.

Info about how I got started on the "Who is ParanormalQueen" Page


You're in the blackest black, where you can't see anything. Are you at ease with the calmness of the quiet night? Or frightened of what might jump up, that you cannot tell?


Everything shows in the Light. Or does it? It can be so bright that something may be hiding in front of it and you may be blinded. Perhaps, be like the blind person, who cannot see what's in the Light, but instinctively knows it's there.

We all have different ideas, thoughts and beliefs. Is there one answer, or could we all be right? The Universe is not measurable, so can we really say for sure what is out there and what is not?


I personally believe that there are other dimensions, including the Other Side, (or what you choose to call it). It's one explanation as to why I can communicate with the deceased, given that they most certainly are not in our dimension anymore.

What about other dimensions? Beautiful ones, where fairies and unicorns dwell and frightening ones where the demonic and evil exist. Other planets and life forms, possibly traveling within portals to visit or live among us.

THESE and so many more topics to dive into. So join me in the deep end and let's explore.


Common Questions

Can I connect with anyone, no matter what the cause of death?

Yes. Including suicides & homicides. This is me personally - every Medium works differently and hears/sees at different "frequencies".

How long to wait before we can connect?

For me, I can connect immediately after their passing, or 50 years later. As long as someone here can validate what I'm saying, whether they knew "of" them, of knew personally.

Do all Tarot readings come true?

No. You have control of your destiny. It's a Guide, meant to help and give you good positive possibilities for the future. It's still your choice.

Can I speak to Pets?

Yes. Deceased and Alive. The deceased "tell" me their traits & something special & unique about them. Those alive can "tell" me what their issues are or why they act the way they do.

Are their fake psychic mediums?

YES!!! Don't be fooled! Check my videos for guidance on how to spot them.

NNOTE: Readings cannot be booked through this site. Please Email:

Connect with Loved Ones & Pets who are gone

Yes, they are with us and we can receive comfort and messages from them. At times, you may need the assistance of someone who is able to reach the "Other Side" easily. You can be assured the validations & messages are true, as we, the Mediums, either don't know you, or don't know details.

What's in store for you or your living loved ones?

While you have the wheel, guidance on the road may be needed. I prefer to "read" you first, followed by Tarot cards for validation.

Are YOU Psychic? We all are to a degree. Increase your own psychic abilities

Classes (Online & In-Person) and/or One-on-One Mentoring will help. Whether you have serious psychic abilities, normal intuition, or are sensitive. You go at your own speed.

Classes/Mentoring - Some topics are:

Increase your Intuition

Tarot (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced) - This class will show you how to read for others. To use your intuition to be able to tell the client what they NEED to know personally. Not general.


Explanation of Auras & How to read them

What are they? Are the colors important? What do they mean?

Can your aura change? Does everyone have an aura? How do I read it?

Spirit Guides

A total explanation of Spirit Guides and finding yours

What are they? Human or Angelic? How do I contact my Guide or know who they are? What do they do? When are they with me? Are there more than one?

& Lots more


Handwriting Analysis - Find out anything about anyone (including yourself)

From handwriting? Yes! It's an actual science; however, when a psychic medium does the analysis, you never know what you might get!

Your writing says so much about you. It makes no difference if you write a poem or jiberesh. I can still analyze it. Benefits?

Hiring someone to look after your home, loved ones, pets. Contractor in your home. Hiring an employee. Your LOVE life. Is this person stable or crazy? Are they lying? Abusing substances or the very worst...are they "inappropriate" in personal situations?

Definitely worth finding out. ...and much more


TV Live-Stream Talk Show starting soon!

Join me on an endorphin fused adventure. Be interactive, or just watch.

52 week series. I will delve into many topics. Including:

Messages from Loved Ones, Psychic Readings, Spotting fade psychics, Past Lives, Guides, Angels, Ghosts & Demons. Near Death Experiences (NDE) and Aliens. Ghosthunting and the haunted. Q&A, On-Air Readings, Signs from Loved ones, Our Life Chart, Reincarnation, Pendulums & Crystals, Tarot...

SO much more!

ParanormalQueen - Bold Brave TV Time/Day TBA

ParanormalQueen - Bold Brave TV


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