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References & Testimonials

Updated: Mar 7

References: ANYONE can "make up" references and testimonials, but are they real?

Check your sources before you believe anything!

The following samples are true. Some info is blocked due to privacy.

As for places of Reference; NONE of these places would put their good names on the line for a fraud. Especially the libraries. Yes, Libraries. They aren't going to risk their jobs. Neither will a radio or tv station, not to mention Fox News.

Everyone knows I can't stand fakes! See my Youtube! ParanormalQueen1

Past Events (Scroll Down)

This is IMPORTANT. Why? Because public people cannot put their names & job on the like for a fake!

The first testimonial is from a young mom who lost her baby at birth. She kindly gave permission to use her name. My heart goes out to her and all in that situation.

I'm grateful for you all who took the time to say thank you. It's my pleasure.


YouTube link for Videos:

Majestic Theater, W. Springfield MA USA-Danny (Owner) or Sue, Manager-ONGOING

Geraldine's (Nightclub) Chicopee, MA USA or Jake Torey on FB (Manager)

Haunted SK Pierce Haunted Mansion - Marion, Manager - ONGOING

Every Bunny Counts-Rabit Rescue (4/23/2023) Newington CT USA

Dogs Trust-Bridgend, Wales UK

ATKHER-All The Kings Horses, Equine Rescue, CT USA

FOX TV Hartford, CT-Medium Mondays (Videos on YouTube)

WHYN FM Springfield MA USA - Zito in the morning - Videos on YouTube

WHYN FM Springfield - Halloween Ghost Hunts

WTNH Ch 8 News (Videos on YouTube)

SALEM MA USA - Gallows Hill Museum & Theater-Shows & Ghosts


Haunted Clapp Memorial Library-Belchertown MA

West Springfield Library, MA

Chicopee Library, MA

Enfield, Windsor, Suffied Libraries - CT

....many more

YouTube link for Videos:

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