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Who IS ParanormalQueen?

Updated: Mar 7

In Memory of my sweet companion of 10 years, Pepsi. You were alway by my side. I love You

TV Talk Show - Paranormal Queen, Bold Brave TV - Wednesdays at 9:00pm EST USA

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I'm Lisa Maria Lanno, originally from Boston, Massachusetts, USA. Born in 1954; an only child to first generation Italian/American parents. With 3 grown children and 4 beautiful grandchildren, I am thrilled to take my abilities Internationally, traveling to Europe; mainly the UK /Germany, along with clients in other countries.

I am based in the United States; however, I will stay for extended periods in Europe. Among other things, I'm a Psychic, Medium, Paranormal Researcher (Ghosthunter) with my Team, GONE Paranormal, founded in 2009 & a New Host for a TV Talk Show, Paranormal Queen, on Bold Brave TV.

I ... Help people connect with Loved Ones and Pets who have passed

Help with your Life Path with Psychic Readings (with/without Tarot Cards)

Handwriting Analysis (learn anything about anybody, including yourself)

Teach classes on just about everything (On-line & In-person)

Work with families of the missing/murdered

My Abilities

As a young teen, I had an interest in anything Psychic and Tarot Cards. Growing up near the famous Salem, Massachusetts, information was available even back then. Got my first deck at 14. By age 19, I was getting somewhat decent, although unpolished. I began "Remote Viewing" (I had no idea what that was). I'd close my eyes and tell friends what their rooms looked like upon request. I never went to the party - I was the entertainment!

Through my 30's & 40's, I dabbled, but raising a family was the main focus.

Until my 50's. Following the great Sylvia Browne, knew I did have Psychic Abilities.

A sad situation with the death of a dear friend of my eldest daughter, was the first experience I had with Mediumship (connecting with the deceased). Thinking it was a chance encounter, I ignored it, until it happened again & again.

Then...Ghosthunters, the TV show happened, throwing me into the world of the Paranormal & Mediumship. Still following Sylvia Browne, adding the amazing Lisa Williams & John Edward, I realized I was a Medium.

I started to conduct Library programs, starting at a haunted library (Clapp Memorial, in Belchertown, Massachusetts, USA). During my presentation, I could hear people telling me things. I announced what I heard and people raised their hands, claiming their loved ones. This kept going until there were too many people asking for help. I started to do this professionally and have ever since.

I didn't expect this for a profession. I'm a writer and had published a children's book,

"The Secret Cave", Juvenile Fiction/Adventure Mystery & working on

a series of books for younger children.

With need for more finances, I asked the Universe for help, saying I had no idea what to do and made a list. At the top was, "writer", followed by other things like "office work", which isn't my favorite. I'd rather clean houses. I put the list down, took it back, made a line and under it, wrote, "pychic medium". Gave the list to the Universe and said,

" Put me where you need me."

They did and here I am.


Now, I help connect people with their beloved family, friends & pets who have passed on. Guidance on your Life Path - Tarot (Love, Finance, Health, etc.) and help with "ghostly" visitors. I conduct classes to help you with your own abilities and mentoring. I also work with families of the missing/murdered.

Find your Spirit Guide, a Past Life & how some trauma may be related to it, and anything else you can think of. Increase your abilities!

You do not need to be a psychic to increase your intuition.*

*Currently working on a book, titled "Dance with the Dead", with all the details. Plenty of interesting stories and advice to help along your journey.


As of 2023, I'm 69 and nicknamed "Metal Medium", due to my taste in music. We all have a "happy place". Mine is anything Metal. Power, Goth, Heavy, Symphonic.

People! Don't put things on a bucket list. DO THEM!

I spend time living in Europe & concert going. First Festival at 68! Wacken Open Air Metal in Hamburg, Germany. 100,000 amazing people in a safe, super clean space!

I love to cook homemade dishes and feed everyone, writing and of course my kids and grands. Learning languages (German isn't easy!). Other cultures.

Documentaries, anything to do with History, Archeology, Astronomy, Science (I'm a nerd)

TV: Stranger Things, Walking Dead, Documentaries

Movies: Anything I can learn from (non fiction) except for sci-fi & some horror

The Unknown: Vampires, Faeries and the like...


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PHONE: 1-413-221-9211

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