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TV Talk Show - ParanormalQueen, Bold Brave TV, USA

Updated: 5 days ago

Paranormal Queen on Bold Brave TV - Every Wednesday at 9pm US EST

Watch Live - Call in - Be a Guest - (Watch Live)

Missed an Episode? Something you're interested in? Scroll down for info/links


Live Link: Watch Live

This week - GHOSTS. Have you been "touched"?

MISSED A SHOW? Watch Here! PAST SHOWS (Wed 9pm Paranormal Queen)

#1 Intro - #2 Messages from Beyond #3 Tarot for Everyone

Nurse Jenny - Risked Life to save very elderly man. Now she's very ill

Hear her uplifting Reading. A true Hero! - Watch Live or Later

Streaming on the, Roku, YouTube, Facebook, Spotify, IHeart & more

Weekly Guests - Get a Reading - Share your Story - Be a Guest! Call in!

Explore the Paranormal. Everything that cannot be logically explained.

The Light, the Dark - Good & Evil

We will leave no stone unturned - Guests Welcome! Call ins!

Explore everything Paranormal. From Psychic Mediumship & the Afterlife, Tarot Cards & Auras, Spirit Guides & Past Lives, Ghosts & Demons, Near Death Experiences (NDE) & Aliens, to help with your intuition, spotting fake psychics & much more.

Some show topics in no particular order - Scroll Down for Past Show links

*Messages from the Other Side (Connections w/ Loved ones who passed) On-Air Reads

*Psychic Work (Tarot, Predictions. On-Air Readings)

*Spirit Guides (Who they are; Find yours!)

*Increase your Intuition (How Psychic are You?)

*Past Lives (How they affect your life now. Find Yours!)

*Spot FAKE Psychics, Mediums & Ghosthunters

*Auras - What are they? Can you see them?

*Are you an Empath? How to control it

*Past Lives (Who were you before?)

*Past Lives-How past life trauma affects you NOW

*Ghosts (Our & Your Experiences...Evil and Nice Ghosts)

*Evil Ghosts (Do they exist? Are some non-human?)

*Auras (What are they?)

*NDE Near Death Experience (Have you had one?)

*Are our beloved pets with us? Can we reach them? many more

Messages from Beyond, Tarot, Ghosts, Finding your Spirit Guide, Finding your Past Life will definitely be repeated to give more a chance to be a guest.



I'll be taking calls on every show. Ask any question.

Do these topics interest you? Have a story to share? Email and be a guest!

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